Did you play Mass Effect, Walking Dead, Journey, Heavy Rain, Bioshock, Ico or the Stanley Parable..?

Then you know a good story when you play it.

You know when a game leaves you with something?

Something hidden, a feeling you can barely describe?

Our games and stories here at Heroes Villains Gamers will engage you and entertain you. You will experience the unbelievable and the inexplicable. You will interact with people and places unlike any you have known before.

Are you ready?

These games are not just shoot ‘em up bloodbaths, expensive graphics and timewasting fluffballs. We bring you the true reality. You know there’s a truth behind every fiction.

What’s going on with Religion, Celebrity, Money, Business, People, Politics, Sex, Death, Idols, School, Technology, War..?

Kill the monster – pet the kitten – love the world – take your pick… choose them all!

Sink below the surface of reality and…

Press PLAY NOW !