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development diary

Everything’s Late

If you really want to know why everything’s so late, play Mid Game Crisis! If you’re not bothered that’s fine. There are some updates you can check on our sister site at Bellyfeel. You can check out some developments about the Secret Story Network. How to
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Games Jamming – On My Phone DEV Diary 001

This game started with the briefest idea – interact with text and music to make a game. The idea came from a CD rom I made back in 1999 – Blu.mov (the Blue Movie – PC download here ). Blu.mov was an early interactive video work full of interactive animated text with music
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The Test

A Game for Misfits and Freaks – The Test DEV Diary 001

This game has been in development for several years. It’s a beast. What is THE TEST? Is the Test a role player game gone haywire, or an interactive movie that plays you, while you play it? You decide… On one hand it is a series of games and levels to improve your life and core
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